Saturday, February 9, 2019


Last week I resumed work on the part of my layout I call the "Mine Section" - because there are two coal mines located. Within the week I spent some hours gluing down some foam board and shaping the rough landscape.
Finally I filled the larger gaps with lightweight putty.

Here are some "proof of work" pictures.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Back in action

Last time I did some work on the Cleveland & Eastern dates back to late 2017 as I prepared the Elizabeth Oaks section for our local bi-anual train show.
1 and a half years .... maybe a bit longer ... later the Cleveland & Eastern is still here.
I freed some hours last sunday and started to weather the mainline track on the next section.

After all - feels great to be back in action :D

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Make it real...

Just a short update on the Milepost 18 layout.
In the last blog I started to built the catenary support mast that will hold two PL signals.

Now it is time to get my PL project out of the sandbox and make something "real".
For the signals I needed a platform instead of a PRR standard mast.
I took some measurements on the proto-photos and drew a 3D model.

After a week I had a fine detailed 3D printed model of the platforms in the mail.
I took me two evenings assembling and wiring the heads and finishing up the first signal.

The second signal will take less time as it is only a single head...

Monday, February 5, 2018

More progress

I could finally manage to get more work on the Milepost 18 layout done.
A base ground cover went in and I manged to get to tracks ballasted.

I also started on building the signal catenary which will govern the siding turnout. Still waiting for some 3D printed parts to arrive next week but I am confident that the project will be ready for the show in time.

I also added some covers to the top ends of the catenary poles.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Scratch built cantenary

Work on the big C&E is halted as I currently work on a little show display .
Project-name : Milepost 18

I had nothing fancy on my mind, just a track oval showing a siding-end.
Neat and small, to carry it to some shows on occasion. But with a different season (late fall) and some great details to discover.

I also found that it would make a good example to place my PRR signals on.
But I felt little unsure if there is a prototype I could lean on.
So I started the research for a matching prototype.

I found something that would stand the plausibility check.
Parts of Port Road Branch is very well photo-documentated by Jersey-Mike on his position-lights Blog I follow for a while.

It covers some signal mounts which are quite interesting and not "mainstream".

The Siding entrance at CP West-Rock seems the perfect prototype to explain a signaled siding on a single track branch line.

And, oh wait, some out of business cantenary ....
And a point motor, point heater and gas tank - I've always wanted them to 3D print - here is the ultimate reason.

The race is on ! Premier public show is at Model Train Luxembourg, 3rd March 2018 ....

First attempt of modeling the unused cantenary poles.
For easy reproduction I draw a sketch practical for N-Scale dimensions and turned it into a jig (left). The two other jigs are for drilling the holes into the H-Beam (center) and T-beam (right).
Once you figure out best practise, workflow is amazing (back)

Wide version for both tracks. I used EZ Line for the suspension wires.

Single track version which later will hold the  218 L

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Progress ... at least

It was quiet for a while here.

Besides some major workload I put into my commercial NScaleWorks Project,  I can report some more progress on the Cleveland & Eastern.

I started finishing the Bridge scene east of Elizabeth Oaks.
This is a modified Central Valley Models truss bridge kit.
I added some diagonal bracings to the bridge.

 Flat black paint and some light weathering ...

 Cut away the themporary roadbed, and cut some abudments from insulation foam board.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

PRR position light signal

After some time spending on the "best-practice" for assembling the multi-parts head on the PL I came around with a good alteration of the prototype. Photo below shows the last testrun. Tiny SMD 0402 inserted into the lamp holes, and the head glued to the crossarm section.

I also managed to get some more detail parts done, the 3D printed bae and some photo etched ladders and plattforms.

And last but not least, I manged to get the firmware running on the chip and with a littel help I manged to design a circuit board which will incorporate the mast socket and 6 input ports arcording to match the output on a SE8C from Digitrax Inc.