Thursday, January 11, 2018

Progress ... at least

It was quiet for a while here.

Besides some major workload I put into my commercial NScaleWorks Project,  I can report some more progress on the Cleveland & Eastern.

I started finishing the Bridge scene east of Elizabeth Oaks.
This is a modified Central Valley Models truss bridge kit.
I added some diagonal bracings to the bridge.

 Flat black paint and some light weathering ...

 Cut away the themporary roadbed, and cut some abudments from insulation foam board.


  1. Nice job on the bridge Mike. I have built 3 of them so far and really like them. Hope CMW offers more in N Scale.

  2. Mike- I see you have a pic with an Amtrak E-unit. Out of curiosity, is Amtrak included in any of your operations, perhaps as a run-through train? Thanks.